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Brake Services

Why is it important?
Your brake system provides the ability to stop a vehicle efficiently and safely, and is a vital part of driving safely. A well-maintained brake system protects the vehicle, driver, passengers and others sharing the road. Periodic inspection of friction material, vital system components and hydraulics helps ensure efficient system performance and cost-effective repairs.

What do we do?
We begin with a thorough inspection of brake linings and key components. A detailed diagnosis is provided and reviewed with the customer. Service recommendations are based on the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications and the condition of brake components that impact performance.

How often?
Vehicle manufacturers recommend brake inspections at regular intervals to ensure vehicle safety and cost-effective repairs. Repairs are recommended based on vehicle manufacturer specifications and existing conditions for brake linings and other key components.

Brake inspection is an important safety procedure recommended at regular intervals by vehicle manufacturers.
Replacing brake linings prior to damaging key system components saves money and keeps the vehicle in a safe operating condition.


Your car’s anti-lock braking system (ABS) allows the wheels to maintain tractive contact with the road surface according to driver inputs while braking, preventing the wheels from locking up (ceasing rotation) and avoiding uncontrolled skidding. Our experienced mechanics will assure this important element of your vehicle functions correctly.

Brakes Diagnosis
Your brakes are the most important part of your car.
As part of our brakes diagnostics services we will check for signs of needed brake maintenance or repair:

  • Brake Fluid Level
  • Contaminated Brake Fluid
  • Worn Brake Pads
  • Bad Brake Power Boost Unit
  • Disc inspection