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  •     Oil Change
  •     Tune Ups
  •     Maintenance and Repairs
  •     Cooling System Services
  •     Engine Diagnosis
  •     Electric System Services

Oil Change

More than an oil change, it’s preventive maintenance to keep your vehicle running right.

Our oil change is more than an oil change, it’s preventive maintenance to change, inspect, check/fill and clean essential components of your vehicle and help keep it all running smoothly.

Engine Air Filter Replacement

Why is it important?
Air is drawn into the engine as a critical part of the combustion process. The engine air filter captures airborne contaminants such as dirt, dust and bugs before they can enter the engine. A dirty, clogged engine air filter can contribute to poor overall engine performance.

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Brake Services

We take care for your vehicle


  •     Brake Services
  •     ABS
  •     Brakes Diagnosis

Brake Services

Why is it important?
Your brake system provides the ability to stop a vehicle efficiently and safely, and is a vital part of driving safely. A well-maintained brake system protects the vehicle, driver, passengers and others sharing the road. Periodic inspection of friction material, vital system components and hydraulics helps ensure efficient system performance and cost-effective repairs.

What do we do?
We begin with a thorough inspection of brake linings and key components. A detailed diagnosis is provided and reviewed with the customer. Service recommendations are based on the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications and the condition of brake components that impact performance.

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Tire Services

We can fine-tune your car

  •     Tire Services
  •     Alignment Services
  •     High Speed Balancing
  •     Tire Rotation
  •     Tire Inspection
  •     Suspension and Steering
  •     Tire Diagnosis

Alignment Services

During a four-wheel alignment, our technicians measure and correct wheel angles so they’re set to vehicle manufacturer specifications.
They also:

  • Completely inspect steering and suspension systems
  • Adjust wheel angles so they’re perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other

Why is a wheel alignment important for my vehicle?

  • Proper wheel alignments improve driver safety, create a smoother ride, and increase fuel efficiency
  • Alignments save you hundreds of dollars replacing tires due to premature tread wear

When should I bring my vehicle in for a wheel alignment?
Manufacturers recommend a four-wheel alignment at least once a year.

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Bumper-to-Bumper Inspection

With the constant use of your car, you may be considering a bumper-to-bumper inspection. You seek reliable, skilled and knowledgeable ASE Master technicians to perform the service, but you may wonder about what is included in this comprehensive inspection. You should be aware of all of the systems that will be checked on your car to understand the results. You will also be able to make better decisions about any car repair you may need.

Why a Bumper-to Bumper Inspection?
An auto inspection is very important for the life of your vehicle. Whether you are considering purchasing a pre-owned car or you have owned your own car for years, you should make a point of having a complete inspection done.

Virtually every system of your car, between and including the headlights and taillights are checked to make sure they are in proper working order. A comprehensive inspection includes oil change, fluid checks, brake checks, steering and suspension checks and a tire inspection. Also, checks to the engine, steering and transmission.

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  •     A/C Services (A/C machine)
  •     Heating
  •     A/C Diagnosis

A/C Services (A/C machine)

We will provide a thorough inspection and test the system.
The function of an air conditioner is to help remove the heat and humidity inside the passenger compartment of the vehicle. Powered by a belt, the air conditioning compressor compresses, pressurize it and pump the refrigerant through the system. The cooled refrigerant travels through the evaporator in the passenger compartment. As a result, cool air is blown into your vehicle. This refrigerant returns to the compressor, where the cycle begins again.

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  •     Exhaust System Installation and     Repairs
  •     Catalytic Replacement
  •     Muffler Replacement
  •     Exhaust System Weld Repair

Your car’s exhaust system is responsible for reducing harmful emissions from entering the atmosphere. Properly functioning mufflers and exhaust systems not only sound better, they are better — for you, your car and the environment. 

Your exhaust system really starts at the front of your car, right behind your engine. Exhaust manifolds connect to the cylinder heads, where they collect exhaust gases. As the gases move through the exhaust system, they’re first analyzed by oxygen sensors, then refined by the catalytic converter and muffled by the muffler. 

By the time those gases leave the vehicle, your emission system has made your car run smoother, cleaner, quieter and more efficient. 

Any one of these components can fail and affect everything from your gas mileage to the air you breathe. It’s a pretty complex system, but our emissions and muffler repair experts will diagnose the problem and get you right back on the road.

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  •     Electric System Services
  •     Battery
  •     Alternator (Changing Systems)
  •     Fuses
  •     Starter Motor
  •     Door Locks

Electric System Services

We service all the electrical components of your vehicle:

  • Power windows
  • Power steering
  • Headlights and other exterior lights
  • Windshield wipers
  • Defroster and more
  • Alternator (charging systems)
  • Fuses
  • Starter motor
  • Door locks

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  •     Transmission and Drivetrain     Diagnosis
  •     Transmission Services
  •     Axels
  •     Bearings

Transmission and Drivetrain Diagnosis

The drivetrain serves two functions: it transfers power evenly from the engine to all drive wheels and it varies the amount of torque. The drivetrain may include the differential, a transfer case (in four-wheel and all-wheel drive cars) and the transmission.

Differential Service

Why is it important?
The differential is a special gearbox located between the drive wheels of your vehicle. It allows the drive wheels to turn at different speeds, as they must when turning a corner. Over time, high operating temperatures can cause the lubricating fluid in the differential to break down, developing a gummy texture that doesn’t lubricate the gears. Replacing the fluid can help you avoid premature wear on the gears in the differential and can even help reduce wear on drive-wheel tires.

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Windshield Wiper Replacement

Why is it Important?
Windshield wiper blades are made of a soft rubber compound. Over time, elements break down and make them brittle. As this happens, your windshield wipers will leave streaks, affecting your ability to see the road ahead and compromising your road safety.

What is the service?
With every oil change, we inspect your wiper blades and let you know if they are cracked, split, torn or brittle, indicating that it’s time for a replacement.

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